What to Expect

This information sheet will help you understand the psychological process and allay any fears or apprehension that you might experience before your initial consultation with your psychologist.

People benefit from seeing a psychologist for many different issues that they may be experiencing. There should be no feeling of embarrassment or shame for seeing a psychologist. It is a recognised medical discipline and seeing a psychologist is just like seeing any other health professional.

The initial consultation will involve some basic admin with your psychologist along with discussing the circumstances or issues for why you are there.  There are many circumstances that bring people to seek assistance from a psychologist, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, self worth etc.  Sometimes there are complex issues that need to be worked through over a period of time and other times, issues may be effectively dealt with in just a few sessions.  It is of course beneficial to be open and honest with your psychologist so that they can fully understand the situation and tailor your therapy for optimum results.

It is normal to feel apprehensive before seeing a psychologist for the first time.  As your initial appointment approaches you may feel that the issue is suddenly not so bad and that maybe you can deal with it later.  For some people the uncomfortable feeling you may experience about coming and opening up to someone, may temporarily, seem more daunting than the issue itself.  It is best to avoid the temptation to put it off and take the positive step towards working through the issue.  Deal with it today, so you can be happier tomorrow.  Issues left undealt with usually don’t go away or if they do, the issues generally resurface at some point again.

If you do feel the need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please respect your psychologist’s time and try and provide at least 24hrs notice to allow them to utilise their time seeing another client.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your appointment, please feel free to call your psychologist to discuss these as they will be very glad to assist in any way they can.

Our psychologists have been carefully chosen for not only their professional qualifications, but also for their natural personality and demeanour. They offer professional assistance to all clients in a warm and friendly manner.

Psychologists are different from counsellors and psychotherapists in that they are formally trained and qualified to provide recognised therapies that have been proven and verified in practice, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It is for this reason that psychological services administered by a psychologist are covered under Medicare (excluding the gap fee), with a referral from your GP, whereas counsellors and psychotherapists are not.

You are in the very best of care with Just Psychology.